TPs Continue to Recommend Closed Attractions During am EMH

Happens most every trip including today at the MK. Just an FYI

I flagged the post so staff would see it. You can also email webmaster@touringplans.Com with your plan number and give them the details of the issue.

If this is happening, please let us know ( so that we can sort out the issue. Let us know the plan, what closed attraction was recommended, and about when you optimized.

Is this only happening when you optimize same-day in the park via the app? I haven’t see this sort of thing with people optimizing on the web site in advance.

Hey @Sam2071 - can you send along an example of a plan that does this? One for a date in the future would be the easiest to look at. Thanks!

Sure Len. Running around the parks now for a few days. No other EMH’s planned. I will try to duplicate it when I get back. Was ‘sent’ to Jungle Cruise during am EMH and Kali at am EMH last Summer. Thanks!

@Len Went back to the original plan and optimized on a future am EMH at the MK. Wasn’t able to duplicate the issue. In fact, the Jingle Cruise is being placed at 9:02am which of course works. Will definitely send the webmaster a link ahead of time if I see this again. Thank you again for all your fantastic work! Love TP and it worked for well for us this last week. Best!!

Excellent. Thanks! Let me know how the rest of your trip goes, even if there aren’t any optimizer issues!

Thank you Len! Continually impressed by TP and very grateful for your attention. Concluded our trip yesterday. No major issues. Lines worked great. Just one day and for a just few attractions where the predictions were a bit off. Not bad at all!!