TPs and FP+ Selections

Ok folks! I get to select our FP+ selections Sunday night (60 days out) and had a few questions about this and TPs in general:

  1. Do I try to grab FP+ selections that fit my personalized TPs or do I create personal TPs to match FP+ suggestions on this site?
  2. When I optimize the TPs, it has me going to attractions like Astro Orbiter and/or Spaceship Earth FIRST !?!? Does that sound right or shouldn’t we be going to a headliner first thing (7DM, Soarin)?
  3. With all the closures lately (Malestrom, Backlot Studio Tour, etc. etc.) should I worry about the accuracy of the TPs, especially during the Christmas season (12/20-12/23)?

Thanks in advance guys and we are looking forward to our first Christmas experience at Disneyworld!!!

I made mine a few weeks ago. I actually made my plans first and then tried to get FP’s to fit within those times. Of course I had to redo my Epcot plans yesterday with the glitch that allowed me to book all tier 1’s… but it will give you a good idea of where to start.

Once I had them made i made a list of each day, which park, which FPP to get and the approx time I needed them. Then just did the one that included A&E first. Did eight days worth in about 20 minutes.

Pretty much the same as Outer. i do a prelim TP and identify what FPPs I want in “an ideal world”. I then use that list when I an making the actual selections. If I can’t get the exact time I want, I aim for “close”. I then go back to the TP, enter the ACTUAL FPP times in and reoptimize. I almost always do some adjusting to the optimized plan and then hit evaluate.

Check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+. Otherwise:

  1. Make PTPs and fit your FPP selection to match it - the tips above will help with this
  2. Trust the TP
  3. The TP folks are probably adjusting their models to account for this, so they still should be pretty accurate. Even if they aren’t you still will be miles ahead of people without plans.

How do I know how many selections I have from each category?

EP and DHS are the only 2 parks with categories/tiers. In both cases, you get one tier 1 and two tier 2.

Also I think the touring plan software will tell you how many selections you get. But let me know if not.