TP won't use existing FP+ reservation

How do I force the TP to take my existing FP+ reservations? Instead of allowing me to us what I already scheduled, it has me waiting an hour in the stand by line!

The Optimizer does not use FPP reservations if it can make an overall more efficient plan without them, and currently you cannot force it to use the ones you have. You have several options here:

  • See if you can change your FPP reservations to ones that will work with your list of attractions - the Optimizer indicates which ones would be good candidates.
  • Move the attractions in question to slots which fall within the FPP return times and use the Evaluate function anstead of Optimize.
  • Make Meal Breaks of an appropriate length at restaurants near the FPP attractions in question, remove the attractions from your list, and Optimize. You then use the Meal Break steps to go to the FPP attractions.

I’m sorry, please don’t slam me here, this is a serious questions. I just don’t see how waiting an hour for each ride is more efficient than what I already have with the FP reservations. The attractions do fall within the return time and I even played with meal breaks and rests. I did use Evaluate when I originally posed the question. I have since tried both optimize and evaluate and it’s the same. It has me waiting an hour each at both 7DMT and Space Mountain instead of using my schedule FP+ times and then it suggests I use a FP at HM where the wait is only 20 minutes.

This is for a 1:30 arrival time in July.

If t doesn’t seem right (and from what you say there does seem to be something wrong) try emailing the url of your plan to They can take a look and explain the reasoning, or fix it if they agree it’s not right.

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If the time that the Optimizer has you going to an attraction falls within the FPP return time but it is not using it, then there is definitely something wrong here. Double-check that you have entered the FPP time correctly - sometimes people forget to check am vs pm. If the times are correct, then you need to do what @missoverexcited suggests and e-mail the webmaster - they are quick to respond to issues like this.

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BINGO!! This is why I LOVE forums!! I had am for those two and pm for the one it took!!

Obviously I’m not the first to do this so I don’t feel too stupid, lol. Thanks for being ‘gentle’ with your suggestions.

I appreciate it, all is working as it should! Thanks @brklinck and @missoverexcited


Glad it worked out for you - as you guessed, you are not the first to do this. :smile:

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This is the number one pet peave I have with TPs…

The easy “workaround” is to put a schedualed break in at the FPP time and then eliminate the attraction from your list (or leave it in if you want to do the attraction twice).

I REALLY wish that TP would allow you to “lock” FPPs in the way you can lock in ADRs and breaks; it would make things SO much easier…