TP with Resort Dining

Is there a place to enter dining at resorts? Or should you just add it as a “break”?

For example, Monday of our trip, we plan to spend most of the day at MK and then have dinner that night at Whispering Canyon. I’ve added a break at the end of the day with our reservation time and number. Is there a better way to manage this?

That is the only way I could find and is how I manage it.

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If you’re leaving for dinner and not coming back, you can tell TP to end your touring day at the time you’re leaving the park. If you’re going back to the park, add a break and check the “leaving the park” block.

I guess with that, is there anywhere to store dining reservations other than within the plan itself? I’m trying to figure out if there is a place that I can store all of my reservation numbers, times, etc. (other than My Disney Experience, which is fine if that’s my only option).

You can put them in the plan itself. If you have a smart phone with calendar you can also put them there - I usually make a calendar entry & copy in the ADR # for redundancy. Seems to work well and is relatively easy to do…


I made a simple spreadsheet that had all of my ADR info on it that I stored on my iPhone. Of course I also had it on my laptop in my room as well as a printed off copy (Same as with TPs).

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I have a free TripIt account, to which I email all my reservations - airline, hotel, ADRs, etc. (You can set it up to automatically pick up plans from your email too, if that doesn’t creep you out privacy-wise) It keeps everything handy in a smart phone app that also has a widget that will show the itinerary.

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Break, leaving the park. You can put the details in the description which is free text.

I have that too – love tripit!