TP with no FP?

I’ve been playing around with TPs and only one of my days suggests FPs. The other 3 don’t include them at all. The crowd levels are from 4-7 on my days and I find this difficult to believe that I wouldn’t need a FP on 3/4 of the days. This is my first time using TP and next Saturday is when I need to sign up for FP so I’d like to have my game plan ready.

You always need fast passes!

I’m also going on some lower crowd days. I’ve noticed lots of times in making mock TPs that you’ll enter FPs and the software won’t incorporate them into your plan, stating they’re unnecessary

That’s what I thought. Why wouldn’t you use FP?!?! So do I try and get FP’s for around the times they have us going on the ride. Or just get the FP whenever I can and then make the TP around them? This time around trying to keep walking to a minimum since we’ll have another kid with us.

Under the FPP area in your TP click “Advanced Settings”. Then selec “Force FPP use” or something like that. It will accept your FPP entries after that

Is that a good idea though? If you put in all your activities/meals/breaks, etc, and it optimizes with good wait times and doesn’t suggest any FPs, are you gaining anything by getting them anyways? I guess, the way I look at it, if I’m paying to subscribe to the service, I don’t want to force unnecessary things that dilute the effectiveness

Thats what I’m wondering. I’m torn between my gut that says “get the fast pass” because I don’t know if I could ever go in a park without a single FP BUT on a crowd 6 day I just don’t see a wait for Everest at 5pm only having a 9 minute wait?
I’m just surprised it doesn’t suggest FPs I may want to get…

I would definitely get FPs. Remember that TP data is not a science, it’s just an estimate based on historic data. But things can happen that even TP can’t predict (a ride breaks downs, a storms rolls in). Why not get a FP if there’s something you really want to ride so at least you some protection an anytime FPs?


I hear what you’re saying and I do toy with that question a lot. That being said, I would never go without FPP. Maybe there are better selections to make?

On our most recent visit, we had a TP for our MK day. It was supposed to be a 4 but turned out to have been an 8. We didn’t even arrive til 12:30 (slept in and brunch) and we rode on FPP all day long. We had our first 3 set up one after the other and then added on another, and another, and another as the day went along. The TP ended up tossed by the wayside because we had such fantastic luck. We hit everything on our TP using FPP which was pretty incredible.

There are so many fantastic facets of the TP product that the TP itself is just a small part. I would create a great TP, add FPP where it makes sense regardless of what the plan says, and either force it to use them or consider the time they will build in as “free time” that you can fill with shopping, people watching, dining, or restroom breaks.


This is probably pretty accurate, actually. Wait times for Everest are generally quite low in the latter part of the day.

That being said, if I wasn’t going to single rider it, I would definitely get FPP for it.

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I would always book FPs for my “must do” attractions. Labor Day weekend the expected and actual crowds were very different. AK is not the park it was a year ago and it will take awhile for TPs to gather that data. In the next year Toy Story Land will open and the same thing will happen in HS. Always get FPs!


As others have said get FPP for the lines that have historically long lines, even if TP says they aren’t needed. Almost all rides with height requirements build long lines, as does TSMM, PP, KS, FEA. Even JC and some characters to a lesser extent.

Do you have it set to 3 fastpasses? Under advanced options you can tell it to use 3 fastpasses. That should prompt it to make suggestions.

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Thanks, I was just hand picking ones I figured I would need and wanted to know what they thought, good thing is we both picked the same thing! Now, all this worrying and here’s hoping I get them since my main focus is Epcot since it’s our first and only day of our trip and frozen is a must!

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Frozen is totally a must here too! Honestly our other 2 FPP are basically throwaways.

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