TP with Frozen Ever After?

Hi Everyone,

Please help - I’m confused. I see where it’s been announced that Frozen Ever After is opening 6/21 and FP+ will be available. However, in my touring plan for June 11th, we have scheduled time to go to Frozen Ever After (obviously no FastPass).

So I have two questions:

  1. Is my touring plan incorrect - that Frozen Ever After will not be open on that date (then why was that choice available)?

  2. What happens to the A&E Meet & Greet at MK? We have FP reserved for June 7th there - will it still be open?

Sorry if I’m being clueless! Thanks for your help!

Frozen Ever After will not open until the 21st. There may be unpredictable “soft openings” the week before, but I would expect nothing prior to that.

The M&G at MK was officially extended to I believe the 16th (when the 17th was the predicted move to EP). I’m “guessing” they will continue to meet the 16th to 20th at MK - but maybe not.