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Well I’m stumped

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It is a Universal Informer photo but this is what I think of

Stone ground, archway above- for IOA


It would be helpful to see a scenario in which these icons would be deployed. Myself, I would assume they’d just be little quick-reference things that let you know which park the attraction/activity/restaurant resides in, but I can’t be sure.

If that’s the case, they don’t need THAT much attention to be 100% identifiable. You’ll just come to identify what they are (like how our avatars end up being quick reference to our usernames for people here on the forum).

With that in mind, I think the icons are fine but I think they could be a little more standardized. Some have skies while other don’t, some are more accurate in their colors than others, etc…

For the castles: make them color accurate to their counterparts (in day time). If the castles don’t look different enough at a glance, go back to the old standby of giving Cindrella Castle its blue and gray color scheme. Remove the sky features (cloud/sun). I would also make both backgrounds blue (maybe differ the shade of blue though). Or make one purple and one blue. But not red. DLR is not in the Desert (yet) or on Mars.

Just saw that there’s a Cindrellas Castle on Rob’s portfolio site. While what he has currently works, being more accurate would be good (with a little zooming in), can he use that or is it too “accurate” and might violate something?

For Epcot: Change the green to a purple or blue and remove the dots. Make the geosphere shades of gray. The triangles probably should be more off to the side, or go hog-wild and add a bunch more. This one is giving off the most "wilderness explorer’ badge feel and I think it’s because of the green and dots. Removing that alone might do wonders.

For HS: make the tower color accurate and remove the sky(?) and make it a standard color (again, not red). If you feel it’s too empty, throw in a palm tree low on the side

For the AK: Make color accurate and lose the sky. Maybe mimic the shape of the actual TOL a bit more.

CA: I think this one is fine. But this also is the only one with a sheen from the upper left. that should probably either be on all of them or none of them.

UOR: I think the blue bottom can be removed. Also, it has a sheen from the upper right. Again, this should be standardized across the board.
IOA: Also fine but I’m wondering if the compass shape (like @bebe80 referenced) would be a better fit?

DCL: Also good, but not sure about the red water, but it works fine.


Thanks, Ryan. Do you think text would be readable in an icon that’s perhaps 1/2" in diameter?

There is nothing currently for IOA specific. The archway is USF. This is the current issue.

@len ,do you want a specific image for Islands of Adventure?

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So the compass would be the best fit, then?

As someone who has no clue of anything about Universal Studios, I figured the archway was whatever the “main” park was. And then the globe the “other” park.

If they’re both “universal studios” equally, then, yeah it should probably be a tad more identifiable on what is for what.

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100% this! I couldn’t have said better. They’re pretty, but not intuitive at all


Ahhh, no worries. Maybe this explanation will help.

The Globe is just outside the entry archway to Universal Studios Florida. It is far from the Islands of Adventure entry.
The Archway is Universal Studios Florida, just before gate entrance.
The Lighthouse is inside the entry to Islands of Adventure. This is usually identifiable by anyone who has been.

For those that have never been to IOA or UOR in general, the lighthouse doesn’t mean anything. But that’s ok right? They wouldn’t interested in anyway.


This was my first thought.

The orange sky and shape makes it look like a volcano. One of the characteristics of the TOL is that green and brown standing out against the blue sky. Maybe if the shape isn’t actually accruate, they could make the base narrow in, before curving out.

I decided to let the graphic designer say it all for me.

I really like the DCA - especially if you are going for abstract enough to not get a copy right infringement.

I feel like EP is a “is it blue or purple” test. I totally got it. But like all of @Randall1028 suggestions.


right. This is where the ‘you’ll come to identify it’ part comes in. Just like how we associate our avatars and when everyone got into an “avatar change fest” people were all confused. ( and why, when @Heidelj steals avatars, it freaks people out :smirk: )

So if you don’t know the lighthouse is synonymous with IOA now…you will (eventually).


@Randall1028 - thanks for the detailed feedback. I’ve passed it on to Rob.


I’ll take suggestions - what do you have in mind for an icon?

(A non-phallic image of the) Lighthouse.


I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who saw that :smirk: :rofl:

Me sitting here going “Don’t…don’t…don’t say it… don’t…you’re probably the only one… don’t”


I agree. The icons do not bring the parks to my mind without having to give them too much thought.

As far as lighthouses go, you don’t have to wonder what they were thinking about when they designed it :laughing:


I can only speak for myself, but I’m confident that @OBNurseNH saw it too


No caption required


Yes, definitely the Lighthouse. That is the best representation of IOA.

If I had to pick only one for USF it would be the Archway. Reason is the Globe can represent USF too, but also Universal Orlando Resort as a whole. Example are these official logos:



So if there is a need for you on the website to represent UOR as a whole, the Globe works best.


The what I think is the IOA one I agree…it looks more like the spinning globe outside of USF but the arches have to be USF. So I assume the globe is IOA.

I can tell the other is DCA because I think when it was California themed more there was a sun on the ferris wheel.

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