TP weather predictions?

I see that now that it’s getting close to my trip (starts on Nov 23) the TP dashboard is giving me weather. But it’s significantly different than the weather I’m getting from The Weather Channel website. I don’t even know if it’s real forecasted weather or estimates b/c it goes out until Nov 30. Should I trust this forecast or not? They are talking about every day being a high of around 76 but TWC is saying 80.

I don’t think you can trust ANY weather source this many days out.

But I think the dashboard is only displaying historical highs and lows, not actually a weather forecast.


That’s what I was going to say also, it’s probably historical averages

TP uses Dark Sky as their weather info source, and even Dark Sky’s own website doesn’t give weather forecasts going out that far, which is further evidence they are just using it for historical data.

I don’t think you can accurately predict weather more than about 1 week out. Those numbers would be total guesses. At about 1 week out, you can start to get general trends from what I have seen, but there still can be changes as the actual event gets closer. I leave a week from today, so will really start to watch weather trends now for my trip. The other thing to monitor is how the weather is looking for the next week, as law of averages says it will probably not change much in the next 2-3 weeks.

Also, ignore the huge cold snap that is coming to Florida in the next day as that is because the entire country is getting hit with a huge cold front. We broke a record for lowest temperature here in Illinois today.