TP wants me to start in dinoland


But I have always heard to go to the safari first.....thoughts from the AK experts?

Thanks! This will be my husbands and sons (10yo) first AK visit. Visiting on Tuesday, sept 16


I like the Safari first. Been my experience that the animals are more active in the morning than later in the day although I've had great afternoon safaris too. Did you pick FPP's? Are you rope dropping (RD)? I typically RD Safari and FPP Dino, Everest, and Safari for later in the day, early evening if possible. (or, Kali mid-day when it's warmest out). Love the Safari so much (basically the flagship attraction for DAK) that I'll do it a couple times.

Have you guys thought about dining? There are some excellent meals (mediocre ones too) and great/unique snacks and drinks at DAK too. Although some consider it a half day park, you really could easily fill a day at DAK which I honestly like better than DHS. Have fun! I know you will!


TP start points can vary wildly depending on the attractions that you have selected - sometimes doing Dinosaur first and then going on to EE makes the most sense. How does your plan look overall? Any really long wait times, or steps that make no sense? If not, then go with it. smile


@sdd1841, if this is your plan titled "ak trial," then I think it looks very good. Trust the Optimizer on this one.

You've got FP+ for Safaris, Everest, and Kali, so the Optimizer is getting you through the other couple of potential bottlenecks (Primeval Whirl and Dinosaur) first thing in the morning. Your longest wait of the day is going to be 15 minutes to get into Flights of Wonder.

If those are your actual FP+ times, you did a great job. Good work.



@Sam2071, That's what I've always seen in zoos, where many of the animals spend the day resting. I've heard @len talk about having dispatched researchers to count the number of animals first thing in the morning and later in the day and found no significant difference. However, I'm not just if that study took into account whether the animals were actually moving or whether they were just visible.


Interesting. Understand from Discovery channel, bio class, etc that animals will rest when it's warmest out. I've had good and 'bad' (in terms of animal activity) in the morning but seems to me that there's more good than bad in the am vs other times of the day.


Thank you all - Len, you are brilliant!! How did you even find my TP? I have created several and was trying to figure it all out. Have used Touring Plans in the past but this will be our first visit since the whole FP+ thing....any my first AK trip since Everest Opened - very excited. Looking at the AK trial plan - and knowing about the heat in it too much crisscrossing? I remember AK as being a BIG park - we are active and good to walk the distances but concerned about the heat. This will be my husbands and boys (10yo) first AK trip so I am obsessing a bit smile

As far as Dining Sam2071 - I think we are going to hit whatever is close to use when we are ready. I have reviewed the touring plans reviews and am leaning towards one with AC such as Pizzafari and resturantasaurus (however you spell it). I know others have better food but think AC will be key in Sept. What are your thoughts on this? Also - we are staying 1 night at AKL and will be eating at Sanaa the night before - yum!!! Our first onsite stay!!


If these are your FPP selections, I can totally see Dino first. Guessing Prime Evil would be right after?


No doubt you'll be happy wherever. In all honesty, Pizzafari is one if my least fav although it's totally fine. Get your AC argument. If it's hot out, DAK seems to be (again maybe just my opinion) the warmest of all the parks. I keep going back to Flame Tree: like the shade down by the water- Discovery River?- with the view of Everest. Best CS in DAK


WOW - I had no idea you could see my touring plans - that is great! Those are my actual FP times, Safari at 9:40, Everest at 11:40 and Kali at 3:10 - was trying to save Kali for closer to the end of the day. Did not want to walk around soaking. I have 2 boys - ages 10 and 11 so I was trying to separate the shows a bit as well - I am not 100% they will be up for all 3 so leaning towards skipping Nemo if we have to. Will probably stop by the boneyard too. At 10 and 11 they could love it - or claim that it is for "babies"...just the stage we are in these days..sigh....

After reviewing the menus - I would pick flame tree as my first pick too - hoping for an unusually cool day with a nice breeze...but expecting (and planning for) HEAT.


Fabulous, then. The plan should work very well for you. Report back when you return, please.

Flame Tree would be a good choice. My favorite in the park. The chicken and rib combo is messy but good. I occasionally get in line and my brain says "Maybe I should have the salad." If this happens to you, don't listen to your brain. smile


This has been really helpful and has made me relax a bit about the day - thanks so much. Always interested in AK (and even AKL) tips....but have to get back to work so I can pay for the trip wink l'll check back later in the day.

This is a really great planning tool and forum.


The animals are most active during the most temperate part of the day. In the summer this is in the AM before it starts getting really hot. Conversely, in the winter, the animals are more likely to stay hunkered down during the cool/cold AM, and become more active mid afternoon when it warms up some.


We've always used the preset plans which start us in Dinoland, it's always worked out great. Trust @len!


Hi Len! Looks like I might need your expert info. My husband just surprised up with the Wild Africa Trek!!! VERY exciting - but now I need to change my touring plans....any recommendations? Was thinking I would just redo my personal plan with a 11am arrival time and remove the safari from the plan - any other suggestions? Concerned that we might not get to "do it all" but after reading several reviews, the tour sounds like it will e worth missing a few things for.


Yes, I'd start with adjusting my arrival time. You can probably also skip riding the Safari, as you'll have seen it during the Trek. That should save some time.

Let me know where you end up after doing this.


Thanks Len - here is what I have so far - thinking about walking back to dinoland and then just moving counterclockwise..will have to figure out a late afternoon snack - they feed us on the trek but not sure if it will be enough to get us past lunch. After you review I will try to change my FP+ to match up with this TP. Also - I have all 3 shows listed here but with 2 kids, we might end up skipping on depending on how everyone is dealing with the heat. Any thoughts or suggestions? Have you done the wild africa tour? I need to call them because I just noticed that parts of the aviary and hippo area is going to be closed during that time.


I've done the Wild Africa Trek. It's a lot of fun, and the food is good.

I'd use the Flights of Wonder show in Step 7 as a checkpoint on your schedule. If you're running behind, or think that flying birds is going to make your hungry family want fried chicken, then skip the show for another attraction or a snack.



Thanks for the seal of approval! Very excited about the Trek! Great call on the FOW checkpoint. I think that is exactly what I will do. On a crowd level 3 day I am sure the trails will feel busy but hope the hike back to dinoland will not be too challenging! How many minutes will that take at a regular pace? I could not figure out how to get that info from the TP. Thanks again for all of your help. I really appreciate it!


The walk might be 5 to 8 minutes. Nothing serious.