TP Walking Speed

How much difference is there between average, relaxed and very relaxed walking speeds? And can you even do relaxed at RD at all? I’d like to slow down a little and take in the Magic for our second 10 day family vacation this summer, yet will be doing RD 8/10 days. Thanks!

I default to the slowest walking speed. It does add some time(usually 2-3 minutes or more) in between attractions to account for the slower pace.

But I like using it as a buffer. You never know when you might need or want to slow down and look at things (like watch the dapper dans or Casey’s piano player) if you didn’t plan on them but happened upon them.


That’s exactly the answer I was hoping for! Looks like “very relaxed” would allow us the added flexiblility within the plan and allow me to breath a little deeper…and a little more frequently. Lol Thanks!

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Glad I could help!! Enjoy your trip and have fun!!

You never know when someone in your party will have to use the facilities!

I’d like to have another option for even slower moving groups. I’ve traveled with folks who naturally move very slowly (some for physical reasons and some for other reasons that I’ll not elaborate on). Add on the need to drop off a stroller and retrieve it from stroller parking, bathroom breaks, and stops to take pictures and I think personalized touring plans would be even better with the “glacial” pace option.

You can always add in “breaks” at regular intervals to account for this.
And you can set the break for as long as you want.
TP is a tool.
Used well, it’s a brilliant tool.
Best to you.