TP Wait Times Not Consistent with Predicted Wait times

So this is odd. We are going to be at MK on 2/23. The longest predicted wait time for Monsters Inc. for the whole day is 19 minutes, according to the wait times graph for the full day. However, when I put it in my personal TP for the day, my standby wait time is listed as 23 minutes. How can that be? I am sure I am looking at the same dates.

I don’t know the answer, but I did look at the day I plan to do Laugh Floor, comparing my TP to the wait times page, and the times match, so I think something might be wrong in your case.

You might want to contact them about it.

One thought, however, is that the graph shows average wait time during the hour, but that perhaps your time within that hour it jumps up above the average a bit? What happens if you move it to another time of day?

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When I moved it to another time of day, it shot up to 33 min! You must be right about average vs. one data point, but seems odd. Do you know how one reports these things?

E-mail, describing the issue and giving them the URL of your plan.

Could it be the time you arrive just has a longer time before the next showing?

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If that were the case, then that would be reflected cyclically in the expected wait times, I would think. And there’s no wait time for the entire day predicted longer than 19 min. The show is 15 min. My TP shows a 33 min wait at one point. So still doesn’t quite make sense.

FIGURED OUT THE ANSWER! The attraction does not open until 10 a.m. :wink: That’s why my wait time is longer at 9:40. Ha!

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