TP Wait Time Shift in Two Days?

Hi All

I’m curious as to what factors would cause a big shift in projected wait times (and subsequently a need to re-optimize my TP). I created a TP two days ago (11/23) for MK for tomorrow (9/10 day). The optimizer started me off at RD at SDMT with a 20 min wait. I printed it out and was ready to take it with me when I drive up. This morning I decided to re-run the Evaluate feature and noticed that all my wait times shot up across the board (from 2 days ago). So I re-ran the optimizer and all of my steps shifted and many of my wait times including SDMT nearly doubled.

What factors would cause these shifts and how should I use this moving forward as clearly printing out a TP even 2-3 days before my visit day seems to not be useful?

The TP wait times are are updated to reflect current conditions, so if the wait times for recent park days have been off they will be adjusted accordingly. This even happens on the day that you are in the park, so if you Evaluate/Optimize partway through the day you may see changes.

Having a printed out plan is always useful, as even a slightly out-of -date plan will be far more effective than winging it. Prior to the on-line versions, we successfully used the standard plans from the guidebook which were not optimized for specific dates. In other words, your printed plan may not be the most optimal plan, but it still should work pretty well.


I personally never optimize once I have printed my final plan the night before my departure. I just stick with what I have. 90% of the time I am right on track or ahead. I totally agree with @brklinck. Just having a plan even if not recently optimized will save you lots of time and should work pretty good.

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