TP vs Kenny Crowd Calendar

The week after thanksgiving Kenny and TP have oposite park suggestions for HS/AK monday and thursday, one saying its the worst choice the other the best, why would the differ so much?

Undercover Tourist’s Crowd calendar pretty closely matches Kenny’s on Monday. Similar for Thursday, although it has HS as worst for that day rather than best.


Kenny goes by all around crowds and TP uses wait times from lines. Too different ways to figure out calendars entirely. Truefully, I use TP touring plans for my day and Kenny’s calendars to figure out which park to go to. Kenny was spot on our trip in May. Our TP personalized plans though were great for navigating the park.

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This. It’s what I do too.

Never trust a Pirate…

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Local Annual Passholder here. TP has been disappointment for a long time now. I go by the park schedule, whose got Magic Hours, and then I look at the park that still has Fast Passes and which one has the most. If there are Magic Hours, I avoid, and whichever park has the most FP’s is the park I go to. It’s been working out great so far and I can only book 30 days ahead.


Wow. That’s brilliant, actually!

(Yes, I’m responding to myself!)

This leads me to wonder…is there a way to check on what fast passes are available BEFORE your actual 30-day (or whatever) window? I know you can schedule them out before then, but it would be handy to see before hand what is or isn’t available at that moment for a given date.

Just so I get this…you use Touring Plans for your plan inside the park and Kenny to decide which park?



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Okay. That is awesome. Why did I not know about this?

(That was me being rhetorical, BTW.)

I looked at Kenny’s crowd calendar and according to that all the parks I chose for each day were the best accept for 1. That would be MK on Easter Sunday. Not changing it lol