TP tip of the day: Combinded Disney and Universal plans

I was looking for this functionality several months back, but no one knew how to do it.

Turns out you can.

That is, I wanted to have a single place to go in the Touring Plans site that would show me all my plans across both Universal and Disney. Well, I stumbled upon it yesterday. Some of you may already have known this, but since it took me this long to figure out, I figured I’d pass this along.

When you go to your personal Dashboard in the web interface, you typically see either a list of your Disney OR Universal touring plans associated with a trip, but not both. Over near the top left of the page, you can switch to another trip. BUT, if you look along the RIGHT side of the page, there are some panels. Topmost is an advertisement for the TP book. Next is your Profile summary info. Then, “Destinations”. But if you scroll a bit further, the next is “My Personalized Touring Plans”. And if you click the heading, you will see a single page that lists your plans from both Disney and Universal.

If you notice the URL, it is simply the Dashboard URL, plus “/plans” added. I bookmarked that page, now, as it allows direct/easy access to all my plans, plus the ability to add more right from that page.



One thing I can’t figure out is how to re-order them. For whatever reason, the plans are listed in reverse chronological order, which doesn’t make logical sense to me. I can’t find a setting, however, to change this.

If you’ve made 300 plans over the years, most recent first is probably the logical default. :wink:

Ah! Touche!

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