TP tech support needed

I can no longer optimize this plan. It keeps throwing an error “Exception thrown while parsing SQS message.”

I broke it. :frowning:

Well, if anyone ever reads this, I think it may have to do with Canada. I can’t get the meal to stick, it’s empty with no data.

Send an email to, explaining the problem and giving them the plan URL. They should get back to you quickly.

Ugh, evaluate keeps pushing my 4:05pm Margarita time to 8:20pm even though it shows my first step to be my 2nd step at 4:37 pm with an arrival time of 4pm.

I’ll send the email.

Also, if you look at the map, many steps are left off of it - no numbers are showing up for steps 2, 6, 7, 8, etc…

Ok, try number 2 (adding the pavilions to give the plan actual attractions) bombed as well:

BUT I finally figured it out. Honestly, the TPs cannot handle that many meals that close. It wants to put in a buffer of 10 minutes so you make the imagined ADRs on time, etc.

So, I started a fresh one with all the pavilions, and the only meals being the starting and ending one to set the beginning and end locations for my crawl. Only optimized once then carefully added all my other drinking locations as breaks instead, timing them so that I’m picking up my drink and exploring each pavilion approx. 20-25 minutes apart for each country…using EVALUATE only at each step to watch my times…and viola! A working Epcot pub crawl TP!!

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