TP start time messed up for IOA -part2

I copy and created the Wizarding World one-day/2 park TP. I made the UOF-part 1 first and planned it then last told it Hogwarts Express to IOA . 2nd part plan for IOA - Hogwarts express arrival and the start time of the other departure. But it is putting stuff way before my start time at IOA? ex) told IOA plan from 6:00-10pm but it is putting attractions like Harry Potter and the forbidden journey at 5.56pm which is in the UOF. Can anyone help ?

Can you post a link to the TP here so we can see it? If you have your start time as 6pm, I can’t imagine why it is putting attractions before that. Maybe hit optimize one more time. Sometimes I get goofy things that work themselves out when I optimize again.

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You are correct after hit the button several more times, it did finally put it after 6pm. thank you.