TP shows Holiday wishes and mickeys Xmas parade on nights before the last MVMCP, is this likely to happen please?

It says that the special holiday shows at MK are only available for free after the last party but TP has them from the 19th, is this likely to be correct please?

During Christmas week the parade and fireworks are offered instead of MSEP, and Wishes (FoF too?)

But do they start on the 19th or 23rd please?

TP would be based on the past dates but not guaranteed. Two years ago when I was there in December I believe the daytime Christmas parade was scheduled to begin on Friday- around the 16th?

The info on TP hasn’t changed since the MVMCP dates were announced, so they might not be updated yet.

I agree, I was listening to a podcast on my way to work this morning and they were reading the dates. When I heard them I realized that I would agree that there is no way the fireworks or night time parade are starting on the 19th- that does not make sense.

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