TP scheduled shows vs disney.go

The TP schedule shows some shows available but the disney.go site shows “no times available” for our dates of Oct 6-12. The specific shows are: Meet Daring Disney Pals, Move it Shake it, and BB-8 Astromech and probably some more. With our dates only 3 weeks out should I assume that those shows will not be available.

Meet Daring Disney Pals is not a show. It is a meet & greet. So is BB-8. I would be very surprised if any of the events you mentioned did not happen in October. I think character meet & greet schedules tend to be a bit more variable than other attractions (also opening later and closing earlier than the rest of the park), so they tend to get released later than other attractions. As long as it is a regular attraction and their have not been any announcements that those events are ending, I think you can assume they will happen.

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As of October 6th there will apparently only be 2 (rather than 3) Move It Shake It shows. Might be that times are in flux?


yep, I also just read the number of shows for the Move Shake it dance party will be reduced to two shows.

Where did you see this? I can’t find any information, but when I look at our date to go on 10/10 Disney is showing there’s no show times.

There is no official announcement, but the below article indicates the cut to be a highly credible rumor:

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