TP’s FP+ 60+ day forecast accuracy?

FT Poster here - thanks for sharing all of the great information!

I’m just wondering if anybody can vouch for the accuracy of TP’s FastPass+ availability at the 60+ time period. Our window opens up in 3 days and so far I am pleasantly surprised at so many times still showing for the most hard to get attractions. I don’t want to get my hopes too high and know there is still time for it to change, but I have been tracking it for the past 3 days and the availability hasn’t decreased dramatically yet.

Any insight is greatly appreciated - thank you!

I’d use it more general than specific. availability should start to slightly dwindle each day, since people ahead of you will also be booking. Also, remember that it is based on single person availability, so if your party is larger “individual results may vary”. good luck!


Also remember, that if it is booked for your group size try breaking your group smaller or even individual at 15 minute increments apart . Sometimes it’s the only way to snag popular rides. Then you can all go through the ride together but you booked your tickets separate times. Since they allow a one hour time frame you can swipe through on the last minutes available on your time and the rest can swipe through accordingly. Good luck


Good point on the availability showing for one rider.

We are a party of 4 so hopefully will not have too much of an issue due to party size - but thank you for the split party/times suggestion. I’ll definitely keep it in mind when I am up bright and early booking our FPs in a few days.

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I am just jumping in to say welcome to the forum{

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Thank you - I likely should be seeking therapy for how much time I have already spent planning and researching for our first family trip to WDW. I’ve become obsessed at this point! :slight_smile:

But I know in the end it will all pay off and we will have a fantastic vacation. It’s hard not to at the Ritz Carlton of theme parks.

After back-to-back yearly trips to DL and CA, we are ready to take on WDW.


You’ll fit right in here then! And TP is waaaay better than therapy. :rofl:


we’re west coast, with 4 trips to DL before our first trip to WDW a few weeks ago. We still love DL (going back next year) but WDW is incredible too. But lots more advance planning for sure. Good luck, and hit me up if you have any specific DL vs WDW questions.

Thank you - at this point I am hoping I have a well balanced attack plan. We are driving to the parks and staying at Port Orleans Riverside in a preferred AB room (we really want the pull down Murphy bed for extra sleeping room).

We have 7 day MYW tickets. And we will likely RD each park on days 2-7 as we quickly learned how well that worked for us at DL both trips.

First arrival evening planning on MK for 3-4 hours just to get a taste and ride a few rides, see the castle, etc.

Day 2: AK with Tusker House ROL lunch reservations
Day 3: HS with 50’s prime time cafe late lunch reservations
Day 4: MK with BOG late dinner reservations
Day 5: EC with Garden Grill lunch and Rose & Crown 7:45 dinner (will be requesting outdoor patio seating if possible for Illuminations show)

Days 6 and 7 I have left pretty wide open with the only other ADR being the final day lunch at Skipper Canteen. My thought is that by doing that it will hopefully allow us to get FP+s for any ride we were unable to earlier in our stay, as well as park hop to whichever parks the kids enjoy the most. Definitely planning on ending our last several hours in the parks at MK.

Again, hopefully this will be a solid balanced approach.

As far as FPs, my general goal will be to get as many as I can between 10am and 2pm as possible so that we will have the option to schedule a 4th FP that evening before possibly going back to the resort pool or taking a nap during the heat and crowds of the afternoon before returning to the parks that night.

This may all change later this week while scheduling the FPs. :slight_smile:

Yes, we always take breaks too, starting from when kids were little our first trip to DL. do you have hoppers? We did and it worked fine, since we were already breaking anyway. We always got something as far as FP once we used our first 3, always did those before break. We did Tusker House for lunch and loved it. I did several posts during and after our trip.

Yes we do have hoppers for sure - really enjoyed having that option at DL.

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We have a party of 5 and I got everything very close in time to what I saw on the availability tool with the exception of FOP. I looked 2 days before my 60 day window opened so I could send them to my TA.

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For FOP I was looking for Day 4.