TP room requests

Is there a way to do a poll on this forum? I’d be interested to see the percentage of people who got their room request vs those who didn’t. There seem to be a lot lately who got completely the opposite. Those who did, what they wrote on their request.

It might be hard to nail this down. Will people consider it a “got it” ONLY if they got their precise room or an adjoining one? Or will people consider it a “got it” if they were in the right wing/building/etc

I’m curious too what would be gained from a poll. What would the goal be? What would be done with the data?

I did not get the precise room nor one in the range I asked for. BUT I got one that matched the description criteria I put in: specific building, top floor, quiet room with a nice view. We were happy with where we ended up and viewed our requests as having been satisfied.

My biggest request was to be in the same building as my sister (and as close as possible). In the end, we were on the same floor in the same building at POR! On top of that, it was quiet and in the general area where we wanted.

I’ve submitted a request 3 or 4 times now and have always gotten what I wanted

Has anyone had any luck with TP Room Requests getting a room on the 16th floor of BLT? I always request this on my reservation. Sometimes I have gotten the 16th Floor, sometimes not. I have never used a TP Room request. Just a request on my reservation.

Aren’t they all part of the GVs, or are there other room types there too?

In any case, your chance of getting a request met are vastly increased by using the way that DVC ask us to use, i.e.: through MS.

And in any case, the chances of being able to get a room request met for a DVC resort are smaller than for other resorts, as they operate at 95% occupancy year round.

Nothing would be done with it. It’s just out of interest. Got it could just be got what they wanted, whether that’s specific room or just criteria, either way it’s what they wanted. It’s not a serious post, just a fun out of interest post.

I guess I feel like that information is within the room fax thread. But I guess I can see how a snapshot would be interesting.

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Our room request for our trip in 2016 did not work at all with Orleans Riverside - we got a totally different building on the other side of the resort from the one that was requested. Keep in mind, this is just an opinion or a favorite of 1 or 2 people because they took the time to give their experiences where some other rooms throughout the resort are just as good. We ended up being ecstatic with what Disney gave us. I just requested a room at CBR in Aruba in Bldg 52 that was recommended for our trip in 12 days - we will see how it goes, but I’m not worried either way. But we are not really looking for an awesome view from our room, because we don’t plan to spend much time there except for sleeping.

I got two doors down from my request and it was closer to the lobby. Win.

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The one time we made a request at CBR we did not get our request. Didn’t get a bad room though.

Stayed at Art Of Animation from 4/14 - 4/21. I didn’t get the exact room number I asked for but the room I got met the exact criteria I requested (bldg #, top floor, quiet location, view of lake). Our room was a corner room and I think even better than the specific room I requested. In my request I put “if available, room xxxx please. If not available, we’d like bldg #, top floor, quiet location, view of lake if possible. Thank you so much!”

I think it was the “thank you so much” that sealed the deal. :wink:

I’m sorry, what is “MS”?

DVC Member Services.

If you are renting points you will have to ask the owner to contact them for you.

If you book a DVC room through Disney direct then you can just ask for the request to be added to your reservation at the time of booking or afterwards, just as any regular room request.

Stayed at Kidani Village. We got the room that we requested, but I did note on our form that it was for our anniversary. Not sure if that made a difference.

I just doublechecked (out of curiosity). We got the room NEXT to the one I had requested. So, perfect!

We just checked in to resort #2 of a split stay. Had room requests for both resorts. Did not get any where close at either…completely opposite really.
Pop I requested room 6117 (70s section, bottom floor) (we had gotten it without a request in December and loved it). I got room 1345 (50s section, 3rd floor).
AKL Jambi requested room 3435 (also had stayed in this room before- got by chance, and it overlooked the “people pens” ) on the kudu trail. I ended up on opposite side on the ostrich trail room 51xx overlooking the parking lot. I have always heard there are very few standard view rooms that actually overlook the parking lots here, and most are in fact partial savannah views but considered standard…guess I was one of the “lucky” few. I seem to have better luck when I don’t request a room at all. Did not do online checkin so I know that was not the issue.

To make a poll, you click on the gear icon in the edit bar when creating a thread. I think. I’ve never done it myself. I’d be interested in the results, though.