TP Room Requests Best System


About to put in my TP Room Requests and would love to be corrected if I’ve got anything wrong here, before I screw it all up and make a mistake.

Travelling with a family group across four rooms to POFQ. Arriving early evening.

Putting in room requests for all bookings using TP stating.
Ground Floor, Connecting Room with Booking (XXXX), Example of ideal rooms then listing the two other reservations asking to be close, adjoining or connected.
Plus on one room asking for bed guards for the toddlers. (I’m right in thinking I can’t request toddler toilet seats / potties / steps right?)

To slightly confuse matters we also have one additional night booked as an extra reservation number so I’m asking on our booking that we stay in the same room.

In MDE on the online check in page, I then leave all requests blank - is that correct?

Should we all check in early on the app or should we wait to check in at the resort?


Yes that all sounds fine. It doesn’t really make any difference if you check in online ahead of time or wait, except that the lines can be quite long. I’d skip it personally. You may end up having to go to the front desk anyway if you want to see if your rooms can be changed. But they are assigned before your check in day so where and when you check in don’t affect that.

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