TP resort fax and renting DVC points

We have booked a couple of nights at the end of our Disney stay at the Grand Floridian villas by renting through dvcrentalstore (great service by-the-way). We were told that only the DVC member can make a room request, so I’m mot sure if we should use the TP fax service?

We have made the request through the renter, but can’t be sure that they passed it on, and we really need a studio away from the monorail as my daughter can get anxious in very noisy environments.

Do you think that it could cause issues if we use the fax service?

I don’t think it will cause any problems to use the TP room request fax, as long as the request is the same as what was put through Member Services - it is when they have conflicting information that you can have problems.

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You can definitely use the fax service for DVC. Hundreds (if not thousands) of people have already.

Yes, absolutely fine to use the TP fax.
The info you got about only the member being able to request it is false.
They may have been referring to the process of making the reservation itself.
You can also do the online check-in yourself. The reservation is in your name, despite being booked by the owner.

Thanks for the advice guys. Would you recommend online check in if you have a specific request? Thanks

Always do on-line check-in - just don’t do the room requests but if you are doing a TP request.