TP Reservation Finder is awesome!

I have completed two requests recently for the first week in October, Be Our Guest for lunch and Sci-Fi for dinner. The app texted me when one opened up and I was able to get both ADRs for the day and times I wanted. I recommend this app, it works!


It’s totally awesome!

They are 4 for 4 on my requests. Sometimes it takes a week or so, but hasn’t failed yet.

Trying to get 1900 PF for breakfast Oct 2. Had great luck using the app last year so I’m sure it will happen!

I love it!
I have gotten 3 that I needed - I still have one more running and two months left to go LOL
GG for PPO - I have 8:20, and even if I don’t get something earlier I will still get there by 7:30 - 7:45, several people have said that they will probably seat me then, but I am still trying to get that earlier ADR :slight_smile:

Hoping mine come through… lunch at BOG. More success picking a time or just meal type??

I found that there is more success picking a meal type.

Meal type would give you the best chance, but doing so can get a bit annoying if one with an undesirable time lingers. You’ll end up needing to reset the search like 10x a day.

Ok right now I have lunch and I am
Okay with any time at lunch. Fingers crossed! Maybe as it gets closer I’ll get lucky…

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Since I very specifically want to go at 8am - i set it for 7:30.
But the meal times are very broad and I am picky about the times I want to be in a restaurant so even for lunch or dinner I usually put in a specific time. If you just care about going, than with a meal time you get the full amount of time they serve the meal you are looking for in the search

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Wahoo I got one today… thinking it might be a stretch for the little one at 1:30. So
I took it and am going to try and move it up. Excited to have one!

It has worked for me before but not so far this time :sob::sob::sob: my trip is still a ways away though so I have hope! Waiting on California Grill dinner for 2!

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I wholeheartedly concur - I used it to help find more favorable times for our already reserved meals, including a 7:30pm BOG dinner (moved from 8:40) that alerted me within 5 minutes of my search request…and that was a mere 5 days from the reservation day!

Reservation finder is a life saver.

It will search for an hour before and after the time you put in anyway.

Last time I was looking for an early Sci Fi dinner and it kept on giving me the same time, over and over, which was too late. But if I’d put in an earlier time it gave me lunch instead!

It worked eventually with some persistence. :joy: