TP Reservation Finder?! Had no idea

I just read in some other posts that TP has a reservation finder to help with ADRs I guess? How does this work in comparison to booking them on MDE, what exactly does it do? I never knew this, lol.

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So you basically use the Reservation Finder on THIS sit. When you go to it is about 2/3 the way down on the right in a grey box under DINING. Here is the direct link

You basically put in where and when - and it will search for the times for you and let you know. You then CLICK on the time and it takes you to MDE where you actually make the reservation. It is esaier to use than the MDE one as it is faster and it provides more options (has a wider query).

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MIND BLOWN. How did I not know about this?!? Lol. Thanks so much. Will definitely be looking into this!
Should I access it at the same day/time I’m able to make ADRs on MDE? My date is June 1st so I have over a month. I am CST so I typically log on at 5 am my time.

OK sorry one more question - just checked it out and it looks like you save the requests etc…and it gets back to you via email? Is that correct or does it show you search results then and there? Thanks again! :smiley:

The typical use case would be to book your ADRs normally at 180 days via MDE. Then any hard to find reservations or time slots you’d like to improve you can enter into the Touring Plans Reservation Finder. The Reservation Finder will check and if it finds a reservation opening that matches your criteria it will email you, you go to MDE and book it.

So an example would be you book all your reservations at 180, but don’t get a BOG dinner which you want. So you plug it into Reservation Finder & it checks and notifies you. Beats you manually checking every day to see if one opened up.

But I don’t think the intent is to use it at 180 days, you should get better results then booking direct instead of waiting for an email notification. It is a new feature on the site which is likely why it had gone under your radar…

OK got it! Thanks :slight_smile:
I don’t think I’ll have much trouble w/ what I want…the plan is to book the following:
O’hana (a dinner and breakfast possibly which I know are super popular but we’ve gotten hem in the past, even at far less than 180 days out)
Whispering Canyon Cafe
Hollywood & Vine breakfast
Tusker House
Crystal Palace
Maybe Akershus or BOG, did BOG dinner last year and glad we did but less than impressed.

Yeah - so I actually pre-emtively had it do searches. I want to do BOG on Nov 2 for Lunch and Nov 5 for Dinner. It goes and runs and eventually returns all options. I then would select from those to make my ADRs.

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If you have a US cell phone it will also text you the link when it finds your ADR. You can see when the last time the finder searched for an ADR on the website. I had great success by putting in the exact time I wanted.

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So awesome, thanks! :grinning:

This is amazing !!! I am so thrilled I was able to score BOG res for 8!! Never could have gotten this without Touring Plans!!