TP recommends no FP -- should I ignore advice?

Going to Disneyworld during Marathon week. Crowd level 10! Yet when I create a personalized TP, it doesn’t recommend a FP until after noon on some days. Other days, it might recommend one FP from 8am-1pm. This doesn’t seem accurate. My gut tells me to make FP reservations soon after EMH ends so 10am, 11am and so forth.

Do I take the TP advice – or ignore it?


I would have a hard time following this advice as well. I fully believe that touring plans reported times are accurate, but in my experience, the earlier you book your fast passes, the earlier you can get additional fast passes. This really helped cut down on on my wait times in the late afternoon/early evening. I think if you map out a touring plan where you use your fast passes early on the big ticket rides that you will be pleased with the result.

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@Birchwood1 I’ve been in WDW for Marathon weekend. I ran it in 2016. It’s a very fun weekend, but it is extremely busy. My TP for that weekend recommended the same thing. My thoughts were exactly what you’re saying. I’m glad I ignored the advice and used my FP’s starting around 10:45. The crowds were insane between noon and 5pm. We ended up leaving the park in the early afternoon, and came back after dinner. I’ll never book a trip during a crowd level 10 again. But the race was a lot of fun. Enjoy!!

I think the reasoning is that IF you’re going to be there and you’re going to do the things on your list, then you want to get FP’s for the times when lines will be the longest, and bear with the moderate lines in late morning. The algorithm does not consider “just leave the park” an option, so it picks the FP’s that will benefit you the most.