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So, I am finalizing my various plans for next week’s trip. On my Epcot day, I have a TT FP for 9:05-10:05am. I have my plan forcing that I use my FP’s. My thought was to RD Frozen and then do my TT FP. However, optimizing my plan has me doing TT first then Frozen. Do I follow the plan? I think the crowd level is a predicted 2, so I’m not super concerned.

TT is fairly often down at RD so I would do FEA first. When are you doing Soarin? You should be able to get a same day FP for it.

I had read somewhere to try for TT first since that goes down often and then you get an anytime FP. I was thinking Soarin either after FEA or late morning. According to the plan, I should it right around noon.

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Yes your FP will convert. On an average day it will likely be up and running by the time you’ve done FEA.

TP also doesn’t actually factor in a well-planned RD. In reality, if you are there early to be at the front of the opening crowd, you will walk into FEA as one of the first riders and then be off by shortly after opening. Since TP doesn’t know how good you are, it works under the assumption that you are walking in the entrance at 9, which is likely why it is sending you to TT first to use your FPP right away.

I often just leave my RD ride off and start my plan 20 minutes after opening. Then make a note on my plan. After I have ridden the rope drop ride, I ope lb my plan a then hit evaluate to update using my current location and the real time start time.

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Thank you! I will keep what you said in mind and plan accordingly.

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