TP question with 8:00 BOG ADR and 9:00 park open

I’m customizing my TP and it keeps putting us at Minetrain at 8:33 but the park doesn’t open until 9:00am and it’s throwing the entire plan off. Is there a trick?
We have an 8:00 ADR at BOG, is this throwing it off?

E-mail describing the issue and giving the plan URL. They should be able to sort out why this is happening pretty quickly.

Set your meal length to an hour, maybe? I’m guessing you have it set to 30 min.

Thanks guys, My meal length is set to 60 minutes :confused:

That shouldn’t matter. The touring plan shouldn’t be able to put a ride before park opening.

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Thank you I’ll email them, its so strange

This happened to me on mine, and at the time I believed it was because of the potential for a pre RD ride (nope, not a thing anymore…at least in my experience). Anyway, if you don’t get a fix, maybe try putting a break in there?

Thank you!! I’ll try that