TP question re: short breaks throughout the day

Hi All, Planning for our first trip. We are doing MK on our arrival day and then another full day at the end of our trip. We aren’t planning to do too much the first day, because I know we will be tired and I don’t want to start the trip off on the wrong foot by running everyone ragged.

The last full day we have an 8:20am PPO ADR at BOG. I’d like to get to BOG about 8, and be ready to hit the park right at 9, ride what we can until noon when we go back to the hotel for a nap and swim. I have mocked up a TP and it looks awesome with us hitting all kinds of stuff in the first hour - my question is: I haven’t put in any snack or bathroom breaks, because I don’t know when we will want to stop for those things.

Do you all try to plan for those types of breaks in your TP’s, or do you just stop for snacks whenever and then just resume your TP? Also do you pick out what snacks you’re planning to have on each day, or just “go with the flow”? I want to make our TP’s as accurate as possible, so if I should add some stops in there I will. I do understand that the TP’s are just a guide and we likely won’t be able to do everything we’d like to do, I’m OK with this because anything we miss will go on the “next time” list. :slight_smile:
Here is a link to the current full day MK TP:

I often set my walking speed to relaxed to accommodate bathroom breaks, quick snack stops, photopass pix, browse gift shop at end of ride, etc. I find that I usually get ahead of schedule the first 4 or 5 attractions but then with the diversions, it usually works out by lunch.

I have never included breaks. If you get off track, just reoptimize.

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You didn’t say how many in your group or their ages. For my family, the hotter it is the more we have to hydrate. The more you hydrate, well you get the picture. And the larger your group the more often you will need a bathroom break for someone. I put in a break every couple of hours to allow for bathroom, shopping and snacking but I am never all that concerned about sticking close to the timing of my plan when in the park. I really just use my TP to see what the predictions are as to how much I can accomplish during my time in the park. So I include everything we do during a park day not just rushing from ride to ride.

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Your plan looks fine and has the flexibility to absorb a few bathroom breaks. You could add in PP first and you’ll probably be finished by 9:05. I would prob do BTMR & POTC before HM


One suggestion - get to MK by 7:30 - they let us in at 7:45 for our 8:05 reservations. We made it to BOG a few minutes late (I had to check a bag, we stopped for castle pictures). Preorder too - that saved us some time but the line was very long at check-in. We were out in time to do 7DMT pre-RD (H took younger son to do PP) and we then made it to Space before the RD line was too long. We were walking out of Space at 9:07.

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Thank you for the responses, I always appreciate feedback. Our group is DH DD5 and DS15 and myself, so not too big of a group. Glad to hear that we’re on the right track with our “relaxed” walking pace.

Thank you, I agree as I have been told that HM FP’s can usually be scored later in the day, so I won’t make that the first ride, that is how the robot program scheduled it.