TP problem with MK

I have pre rope drop ressie for BOG, obviously, we want to jump right on 7DMT as park opens. TP is not recognizing that and puts me on PP (FP is for 9-10). It has us riding 7DMT later in day with an almost hour wait. How do I fix this?

Move 7DMT manually to where you want it to be. then hit Evaluate.

I sometimes enter as a break or a FPP if I want a certain ride to fall in a certain location. You can also use the evaluate option instead of optimize. Get it close then move 7DMT to where you want it and hit evaluate. I am not the best with the TP tools so hopefully some other liners can add better tips.

You can try adding the Welcome Show, which seems to make the planner software put you in the park earlier. Otherwise, the software assumes you’re walking under the train station just at 9:00 AM, and in that case, you probably don’t want to waste your first hour in line for 7DMT. The planner doesn’t know you’re in the park before open, and you can’t really tell it you are.

I feel like it also keeps moving around the order when i optimize. Maybe i should just leave them alone until like a week before our trip.

If you optimize, it will rearrange the order for you. I prefer to Evaluate.

That’s what Optimize is supposed to do! :smile: Optimize is when you want the software to make the “best” plan it can, with your set of attractions, your breaks, your walking speed, and your less walking/less waiting preference. I put “best” in quotes, because it will sometimes give you a new answer if you optimize, and then optimize again, because finding the 100% absolute best plan would take too much computer time, and you’d get tired of waiting, so it gives you the best answer in a short period of time.

If you don’t want to planner to mess with your steps, use Evaluate. It will give you the best guess of how long each step will take.

I like to optimize a few times at first (or after a big change), and then start tweaking and Evaluating.

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Ahh, makes sense. I didn’t realize it would keep moving stuff around.

It also helps to make several copies of the same plan before you start clicking the optimize and evaluate buttons. At the top you have options to Edit Copy or Delete. Good luck!

If you still want to use the Optimise option, you could always miss 7DMT off your TP altogether.
The start time on the TP for its first ride (i.e. your second) will assume that you have had to walk from front gate at 9am and will be similar to the time that you finish on 7D.

dbtlancs - that would make the most sense - thanks!