TP Park Hours Emails

I have been getting emails every morning regarding park hours for my February trip. When I look at the Disney site, they haven’t posted these hours yet. Does anyone know where they come from? I started wondering since EP is missing:


I’ve been getting them every day too. I’m guessing that Disney somehow allows TP to access hours at 180+10? Maybe a hotel reservation gives access? I assume Epcot hours are 9-9 every day as already predicted, so TP doesn’t send an Epcot “update”.

They’re still predictions so I assume based on data, but that doesn’t quite make sense either since they’ve known since March what Feb hours were this year and already had the historical ones.

Why do you think that? This is an hours email and the email says they send it when Disney updates hours?

Why don’t we just ask @len

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I was thinking that the TAs here get that info a little early and would know!

ADRs next week so I am trying to figure this out! Thanks!

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The answer: Disney seems to be releasing hours one day at a time. So if you’re looking at a trip 180+ days in advance, as soon as we know the hours for the “next” day of your trip, you’ll get an email.


@len, are they not releasing Epcot hours? Also, donthey release them to a group before they are on their website or in MDE? These dates are still not showing in the Disney site?

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If you have a reservation, you can see the hours for the whole of your trip from MDE.

The hours will extenend to the end of your trip, even if the hours on the WDW page available to everyone else don’t go that far out.

I suspect that Len and his team, being TAs, can see opening hours further ahead so that they can book trips for clients and know the dates. So if they have someone wanting a 3 week trip, they will be able to see the hours for those dates.

Of course, the hours will change between now and then anyway!

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I misread, it was a very long and horrible day. I thought it said predicted crowd levels and park hours and they were all predictions.

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I hope that you have a better day today.

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Thanks! We’re here now, so I’m sure it will be fine!

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