TP or Disney Website for correct times

Hello, I’m a newbie and finalizing touring plans for our trip in 2 weeks. When creating my plans it has some things (like Muppet Vision 3D) on my plan during the EEMH but the Disney website says it doesn’t open until 10am. What is more accurate, the Touring Plans or Disney Website? Thank you. (sorry do not know any abbreviations and limited time to learn them all!)

Sorry to say but, when we are down to this short a planning horizon the answer is NEITHER. Check both and if you see an anomaly try and confirm using a third source.

It takes longer, but I typically use a case-by-case basis. For Muppets 3D it’s only open from 10-6. Disney is right on that one! It threw my TP out of whack too, but you can manually reorder the steps and use Evaluate as a workaround.

Thank you! Glad to know that I can’t fully trust the TP so I know to do some further investigating prior to arrival.

Another site you can check is . They have a link to a page that displays all the latest Times Guides from the parks. They have current and past ones, no future ones, so you can’t totally rely on them for your dates until you are very close, but they’ll give you a look at what hours are typically doing now.

Part of the Disney fine print on EMH is that
• Not all Walt Disney World attractions are available with the Extra Magic Hours benefit.
• The Extra Magic Hours schedule and available attractions are subject to change without notice.
so I totally understand why TP can’t update all the attractions with their hours for any given day. It does make planning a little tougher…

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Thank you! Yes, completely understandable that TP can’t keep up with all the changes. Makes the EEMH tours difficult though. But I will take the advice and not ‘Optimize’. Thanks again for the help.

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