TP optimize putting ADR at wrong time

I’m having a tricky time with one of my TP. I added in CRT for 9:15, set the flexibility to 10 min., and hit optimize. The TP moved CRT to 10 am. That’s way too late! Any ideas of what’s going on?

Can you publish it so we can see? Is CRT open at 9:15 that day? Does TP know that it’s open?

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Did you optimise a few times? Sometimes it starts out wonky but a few tries sorts it out.

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@ApolloAndy, here is the plan. CRT is open then, and TP hasn’t given any indication that it thinks otherwise. Side note: It’s actually a reservation for BBB in the castle, but that’s not an option in the attractions list for TP so I substituted CRT.

@missoverexcited, thanks for the tip. I did optimize a few times and it keeps putting it at 10. Blah.

Splash is messing you up because it’s not open till 9 - I have no idea why it’s putting it there but I’d manually move it after CRT and then evaluate, not optimise and see how it looks.

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That’s interesting - I didn’t realize that Splash wouldn’t be open during EMH. I can certainly put Splash later and force CRT to be at the right time. Ex. I can get it to put CRT at 9:05 if I use evaluate. However, when I hit optimize again it moves things back and puts CRT back to 10. I’d really like to be able to optimize… I do use that button in the parks sometimes.

Wait, I just tried extending the day from 3:30 to 4:30. That seems to have done the trick. Weird.

Thanks, all!

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You mustn’t have had time to ride it later with a 3.30 finish. Glad you’ve worked it out!

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I was having this same trouble yesterday evening. I knew I had too much but I was hoping ‘Optimize’ would put my meal in and show me the max of attractions I could get done around it. Instead it dropped the meal off, saying I didn’t have time. Iwish the TP would realize that my meals are set, and to drop off rides rather than my meals!