TP not starting until noon when optimizing?

When I optimize my TP for HS it doesn’t put anything before my planned break at noon, and then between that break and the next one at 2:00 it gives me one ride and 66 minutes of free time. I have my plan hours as 10-7. What gives? I know it’s trying to minimize my time spent in line, but this just seems wonky.

Can you publish your plan so we can see what’s going on & maybe replicate the issue?

To do so, click on your plan. In the large gray box, at the top of the page & before all your activities, click Edit. A pop-up window will appear. You originally saw this when making the plan with dates & times. Right above the blue “Save” button you’ll see a check box next to “Publish this plan”. Check that and you’ll be taken back to the plan. Now in the large gray box, at the top, you’ll see a link that you can click / copy & paste.

Hi there. You don’t have enough things on your plan to fill up the whole day, and TP wants you to have the shortest waits so puts everything at the end. I would just change your hours to 10-4 and see what happens. The waits at HS have definitely been longer in the mornings than the evenings. Shortening your plan hours will remove your extra 3 hours throughout the day.


Oh that’s a good idea. I know the lines for some of these will be longer in the morning and we may get some of them done before park open or hop in line right at RD. We’ll plan on being there for the last couple of hours to ride then for sure. I just could not figure out why it wouldn’t put anything in the morning at all.


It fixed it…it just took it a few minutes. So weird. Also so weird that apparently we should ride nothing between 10-2 except TSMM once (and whatever we get in before official park open) and that we can get everything else done between 2-7. Weird times, these Covid days…


I think it is ROTR still more than covid. The crowds aren’t spread out. Everyone arrives early to get a BG. HS was like that in January when we went too. By the end of the day there were very few lines. DH and DS rode MFSR without any other guests so they both got to be pilots.

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Yes, ROTR for sure. But also with no park hopping, no shows, having to reserve your park day, etc., I’m blaming Covid. :laughing: