TP newbie wondering if my 2 day MK plan is obviously flawed

Ok so i based my plan on an altered version of the 2 day MK with a toddler plan.

however we plan to arrive for rope drop on day 1 and probably 12 on day 2.

Should i scrap the plan and build one that has increased walking but hits the typically busiest rides in the first 2 hours of day 1 and push all the less busy rides to Day 2?

You will most likely be able to walk on many more attractions at rope drop than at noon. You can decide if you want to use you day two FPs for attractions you are skipping on day one, or for repeats on day 2. There will always be a couple of attractions that you can plan that will have little wait (people mover, usually dumbo at night, PhilharMagic).

thanks so it would make sense to get at least a couple of the busier rides in at opening rather than wait, cheers