TP needs a Potty Break option

We just got back and the main thing that got us off plan was potty breaks. It felt like someone had to pee every 2 or 3 rides. :grin:


We usually put in a manual break a few times a day if we have a very structured plan.

Someone on chat had great rules, wish I could remember how she said them all. But, one was “if one person pees, everybody pees.” :smiley:


I always tell my son “if I need to go, so do you”. It’s part observation/ prediction and part order.


Add one in! You can name breaks anything you want!

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That could really cause some performance anxiety

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This is my life. We are so familiar with the grocery store bathroom! We pass it on the way into our neighborhood. It’s about 6 minutes from our house. And there have been a bazillion times someone couldn’t wait, even if we’ve only been in the car 15 minutes.

I’m with you, and definitely have to consider potty break intervals when I plan our day. :roll_of_toilet_paper:

i set my walking speed to the slowest setting in my TP and that seems to leave me just a enough time to do a quick bathroom visit when needed :slight_smile:


Needs the Tangled Toilets adding as an attraction too!

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I do this too. I still add in breaks to allow for going way off track, but walking speed allows plenty of time for toilet breaks.

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The problem with adding breaks is that there is a bug in the software that makes it no longer calculate walking time correctly.

So, for example, if you are going from Little Mermaid to Buzz Lightyear, and it says it takes 6 minutes to walk there…but then you add in a break between the two.

Without rest in between:

With rest in between:

Notice that the walking time from Mermaid to Buzz was eliminated and set to 1 minute. This means that you have to manually add in the walking time into the break.

In this example, if I set my break to 5 minutes, I’m really just back to the original 6 minutes, which really means no break!

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I think perhaps that’s the point… A break option that actually works for short ones would sure be nice. I mean, I agree, setting walking speed to slow and/or making sure there’s 15 minutes of idle time every few steps works just fine. But I still commiserate with OP about the disruptive nature of unpredictable and seemingly unreasonable pee break frequency. I have a certain mini-me in mind. Thankfully she doesn’t have a TP subscription (although I do have a :roll_of_toilet_paper: subscription on Amazon) and can’t see what I write about her.

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You don’t have to have a TP subscription to see the forums. You just won’t have access to La Cava. But anyone can view the main areas of the forums. FYI.

Hunh. This is a good point. Now that you say it, I recall seeing forum threads come up when I searched the main site even before my subscription. I won’t actually post anything life-alteringly embarrassing then. I can recall as a teenager actually thinking that :roll_of_toilet_paper: was in fact mortifying, and refusing to go from the store to the car with my mom if you could see it in the shopping cart. Like some other kid from school might see it and know that our family uses the bathroom. So maybe I have posted something life-alteringly embarrassing. There’s no accounting for teenagers.

So add 5 more minutes.

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That’s what you have to do, yes. I’m pointing this out for people in case they aren’t aware of the problem. That is, put in a break, realizing you have to accommodate for the incorrect walking time. I’m not sure most people are aware of this.

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Actually, what would be awesome is if there was a potty break option that automatically found the nearest restroom between the two attractions/steps you are placing it and calculated the correct walking time. I wouldn’t have to CHOOSE the restroom, but the software could basically suggest going to, for example, the Space Mountain restroom or whatever.

It is probably a little tricky for the software to do that as part of the optimizer…but it would cool if it did!


Even if it could just remember where you are at the start of the break and the input the correct walking time to whatever is after the break, it would help. Adding the extra walking time manually is an OK work around, but means you have to make sure you have enough walking time allowed if you re-order your steps and are going to something far away from your starting point.

I’m with you on this one. I do think this is something that would benefit those with kids and those who aren’t familiar with the parks like first timers.

My current formula to plan for bathroom breaks is to 1) make TP leaving extra time for cushion, 2) look at a park map that shows all bathrooms, etc. along our route, and 3) go back to my TP and make a note of each of those bathrooms and put actual breaks where it makes sense.

This makes my head hurt. Too much cross referencing for something simple. Maybe even an option that shows suggested bathroom locations that can be added with walk times along the TP (on the map at the bottom, maybe?) would be tremendously helpful.

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I put in a 15 minute break about every 90 minutes - 2 hours max. Sometimes that break is a meal or a show, like Enchanted Tiki Room. This gives me a buffer to keep my plan from getting away from me.

If I don’t use it, great! However, I have it if I need it. I can use that time for a pee break, impromptu shopping, snacking or just taking a moment to look at some random Disney Magic happening nearby.