TP Map Issue: Location of Cretaceous Trail and Fossil Fun Games

Was reviewing the map of my AK touring plan today and it looks like the locations for these two attractions are in Asia, not Dinoland.

Given the timing - and other sources I checked - I’m guessing this is a mistake but wanted to call attention to it so it can be corrected.

You need to publish your plan so we can see it.

If you go in to the plan, in the top box there is a button marked “publish this plan”; tick that and then publish the URL it gives you.

They are definitely in Dinoland. I assume your plan is showing them in Asia?

If so, you can email to let them know.

Hopefully that’s the correct email address.

Aha! I had published the plan but failed to copy the share this link URL. Doh.

Are you staying CL?

Me? No, why? Oh because of the two Tier 1 attractions? NRJ is an if we get it in the 3:01 drop situation. Nice to have, not a we are doing both of these for sure.

Also FOTLK and Safari FP are not really FP - they’re the Tiffins Tier 1 FOTK package. If we only do Tiffins, FOTLK and Safari I will be happy.

Oh! I would plan 2 hours for that Tiffins meal. Also, the safari should be around 45 minutes? You will need to be at FoLK 15-20 minutes before the show.


Thanks. I updated my plan.