TP just made my daughter's honeymoon trip even better!

THANK YOU Touring Plans! Your dining reservation system just made my daughter’s honeymoon trip even more special! After a month of trying and failing to secure THE ONE CHARACTER dining experience she wanted, I remembered that TP had a reservation search system! I awoke this morning to the best surprise ever! It was a text from TP alerting me to the exact reservation my daughter wanted! I was able to secure it through MDE app. Thank you TP for making me look like a hero to my daughter and future son in law!!


Congrats! I got mine too!


This encourages me!!


Yay! That’s awesome!

Yay! I’ve been trying to get an ADR for months and the reservation finder came through for us this morning too. Which then meant I canceled my Storybook Dining ADR. Hope someone was excited to get it this morning :slight_smile:


The reservation finder is what introduced me to TP, so I especially love it (plus it’s gotten our large party of 6 some great ressies for our upcoming trip)!

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I cant even tell you how many times this feature has helped me out. Just yesterday it got me GG at 8:05 am. Touring Plans rocks