TP Inserting Attraction Between Two Leaving Park Items

Weirdness: If I have two “Leave the Parks in a Row” to go to an ADR at Kona (one right before the Kona ADR to make sure the TP includes travel time for us to get there), Why is the TP inserting an attraction in between them? (Image below.)

In example below Speedway is sitting in between. Before that, it was Country Bears. I tried removing CB to see if one less attraction would make all else fell into place, but then it moved the Speedway in there. Frustrating.

On another note, With the changes in RD time estimates, I’m finding it funny that some of my longest waits showing in the optimized TP are right after RD! on a 5 day at MK, a 21 minute wait for Peter Pan at 8:56AM, followed by 14 minutes at Haunted Mansion at 9:22. Neither is large in the grand scheme, but surprise me a bit.

I think that your two leaving the park items is confusing the optimizer. Just have one, and make the time early enough to allow for the travel time.

Thanks @brklinck. I wanted to try to keep things simple by putting the exact ADR time in for Kona so I wouldn’t brain cramp on when we have to be there. But then the plan wasn’t giving me travel time, or even had me arriving up to 20 minutes later than the ADR. So I added the break time to hold a place for travel. Seemed to work until last optimize.

As you said - think my layered approach is confusing it - but also wonder why it gives me 118 minutes free time between the last attraction and the Kona ADR and then slips those other ones in between the ADR. Guess that comes down to wait times.

I took your advice and just made the ADR itself start 35 minutes early in the TP and added time at the end for getting back to MK. It is a bit better - now just need to get that 9:56PM Splash Mountain out of there! :wink:

It gives you the free time & then puts the ride in between because it is looking for the lowest wait time for the ride. Apparently that time between your leave park break & ADR is predicted to be the lowest wait time for that attraction. Remember, it’s about the least amount of time spent waiting in lines, not least amount of time “in park” so to speak

Right, but having checked “Leaving Park” for both of those successive items, I would have expected the TP to know I am not in the park! Otherwise, what is the “Leaving the Park” checkbox for?

I believe that the “leaving the park” checkbox is more of a notional thing, as there is no “re-entering the park” checkbox.

Also, looking back at your original post, the plan had you leaving the park for 35 minutes as requested (from 4:50 to 5:35). It then had you hitting up an attraction, and then starting up your next break within its time threshold.

I see what you mean on the example I posted and the attraction sneaking in between the tiny gap, so that was a poor choice of screen cap after several iterations of trying to figure it out. I believe on the attempt before that screen cap, the TP had me arriving a few minutes before the ADR (as I would expect), so I made the break stop at that time. Then I deleted Country Bears (which was in between the first few times).

But the next Optimize moved them all a bit and then squoze in the speedway.

I was under the impression that the leaving park checkbox signaled a no-zone for attractions, since it looks like a feature, rather than a note, if you know what I mean.

Finally - the TP playing fast and loose with an ADR time is way too tight for my get-there-early-for-reservations-and-appointments-itis. :wink:

Well, any break is a no zone for attractions. By selecting leave the park, you have set the starting point once the break is done as the Main Entrance. The optimizer was able to squeeze in an attraction (and the walk to it) in the time between when the first break ended and the second began. Remember, the optimizer does not schedule breaks at the exact time you specify - rather it fits the break durations that you specified within a window starting around the start time.

@JJT - the assumption is that you’re coming back into the park at the end of the step, for “out of park” breaks. Making it one break is the way to go.

@brklinck - thanks for the help.

Thanks @Len!

As an old hat IT guy, I guess my first impulse using any system is to push the limits first and ask questions later. :wink:

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I’ll ask the devs to add some text to explain what we’re assuming. :slight_smile: