TP in MK vs other parks

it’s been a few months since our trip, but I am still here absorbing and sharing…something on another post made me reflect further and it was our experience that our TPs were more accurate in HS, AK, and EP, we ended up with extra time. But MK, we were still squeezed, even with our plan. Maybe we were over ambitious to begin with. Wondering if anyone else has had similar, or not?

I would say this is true for our MK experience during the afternoon and early evening, but for the morning the plans were spot on.

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I agree. The plans for MK have always been very accurate for us in the morning. Afternoons and evenings tend to be off more, but we are usually grabbing additional fastpasses at that point anyways.

I wonder if there was too much in the plan or if something was broken down or something. I have had the very eerie experience of my TPs in MK being spot on to the minute. In fact, if anything, I find that park to be the most accurate.