TP hours for AK seem to be wrong - says park closes at 8PM, but ROL starts at 8:30PM

OK, apologies if this is user error, but…

I am attempting to make a TP for AK on April 7, 2019

TP claims AK park hours on April 7, 2019 are: 9:00am - 8:00pm
But… Disney site shows ROL showtime for that date as 8:30 PM

So, it seems the TP hours must be wrong… right?

OK, I looked here and it says
Tuesday April 07, 2020
9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Ticketed Event | 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM

So… TP seems to be sort of right? I have booked the Ultimate Nights of Adventure which starts at 4:30 and ends with the ROL show starting at 8:30 – the ticketed event would NOT appear to be that… and TP does not show a ticketed event… so maybe I need to call Disney…

Plan itself (unoptimized b/c of the hours issue) is here:

That is actually quite common, so I would assume the hours are correct. It just means the park will start emptying before the show begins.

Same for Fantasmic at DHS.


OK, I called Disney. That is a Disney After Hours day. So yes, after ROL, they will kick us out.

But… I went ahead and purchased the DAH tickets so we can enjoy that too :slight_smile:

I guess TP though still needs to update that it is a DAH day, since I did not see that ticketed event mentioned when I created the TP for that day

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I’m not sure TP “allows” Plans to be made for DAH, which would be why it doesn’t include them in their hours.

Unless you have a ticket, it really doesn’t affect your plans. And the show being after park close is fairly normal whether there is an after hours event or not.

For other ticketed events (EMM, MVMCP) there is a checkbox on the TP, so that the plan knows you are attending that event. I saw no such checkbox for DAH