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Hi friends, please take a look at my plan:

Any idea why it doesnt have us head to the Seven Dwarves right away? I’m planning on it anyway, just curious why it wouldn’t do that itself.

Thanks in advance!


Hi! I’m pretty new here, but based on answers to other similar questions, I think this is likely because the wait time is going to be high whenever you ride 7DMT, unless you can get there immediately after rope drop. If you really want to see the whole Welcome Show, you probably won’t get there soon enough. Also you may also get much shorter waits at some of the other rides earlier in the day (Tea Party & Winnie the Pooh) which saves you a lot more time overall.

Here’s a link to the predicted wait times for that day for the 7DMT:

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Wow, really appreciate it. Never considered the Welcome show precluding us from getting there at Rope Drop. I’ll take it off and see what happens.

Thanks again!

Interestingly, it didn’t change. I’m thinking we’re just going to run to it after rope drop and re-optimize after we finish it.

Yup, what @kbellwether said. Times do not go down for them dwarves, so it makes no difference when you get there. It’s better to use the prime RD time for other rides… unless you are amongst the first 10 or 20 people in line after RD.
That’s the theory at least.
Enjoy your trip @thecmh!!