TP Help- I think I have the best scenario yet

So, first trip with DH, DS 8, DD 6, DD 3 1/2 is approaching the 60 day mark. Staying at Yacht Club with Dining plan. It’s tacked on to a family gathering elsewhere in FL, so short teaser trip!

These are my plans:

Day 1 check-in day at YC: Arrive around 11:30 and hopefully be at AK by 12:30 - 1 PM. Use TP with NEW FP from that day. Stay until 5 or so, and relax in hotel, etc., etc. Go to MK for a ride or 2 and watch the electric parade and Wishes. This is a level 4 day for AK, and I will have to get Fastpasses that day as we’re upgrading to 3 days and it must be done onsite.

Day 2: MK Rope drop. Using TP and Fastpasses Go back to hotel after Fantasy parade. Currently have ADR at Garden Grill for dinner at 5:50 PM. Maybe check out a few Epcot rides/ a character meeting here or there. We’ll see what we are up to as we are staying at YC. Unlikely, we’ll stay out late as we have an 8 AM RD the next morning.

Day 3: MK Rope drop with EMH. Using TP and Fastpasses. Have ADR at CRT for late breakfast at 10:20 AM. Possibly ride a few more rides after breakfast. Go back to hotel around 1 or so. Hopefully, swim. We can park hop wherever if we are up for it. Possibly keeping Fantasmic package to end our last night or do Illuminations.

Day 4: Early check out! Flight leaves at Sanford at 6:30 AM!

Am I missing something? This seems pretty laid back but busy! I think Wishes is best for the first night as I’m afraid we’ll be too exhausted after 2 mornings at MK. I have rented a double stroller for DD6 and DD3 1/2. DS8 can share too. MK days are both level 8 days.

I thought AK would be a great park to start with b/c it’s beautiful and a level 4!! Will we get wiped out with the walking? I was thinking MK would be more exhausting with the hustle and bustle.

I’m getting soooooo excited!

Hmmm…I personally think each day seems a little tight and rushed. I’d probably allow for more time for each step and be conservative when calculating how much time it take to travel to/from parks and your hotel as well as wrangling 3 kids (and a husband haha!). Like, on day 1, staying at AK til 5 would only allow you about 2 hours to travel to and from your hotel, freshen up, etc. Maybe that’s ok but I think that, by the time you get back to your hotel, it’s almost time to start getting ready to head back out to MK. If you are staying at MK for the parade on day two, you’d probably need more time to get back to your hotel, freshen up (hopefully nap/quiet time?!), and then get to Epcot. Even if your kids no longer nap, you might risk some major tantrums if you don’t at least leave a little time to decompress.

I think it sounds like a good plan. It’s good that you have Park Hopper for such a short trip. As long as you’re flexible and keep a close watch on the mood/stamina of your kiddos (of course you will!) then you’ll be fine. You might end up doing less than you have planned, but I think it’s best to have a pie-in-the-sky plan that you can drop things from as needed. That’s better than not having a plan at all!

Have a great trip! You’re going to love it. This little taste of Disney will be a great way to start.

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Thanks for the reply ladies!

I should mention as of now, we’ll have a rental car on the property. So, I was thinking we would drive from YC to AK on the first day. (that being the only time we would use the rental) I’m not sure if that will save us lots of time or not.

I changed the Garden Grill reservation to 6:50 PM as I wasn’t quite sure if that gave us enough down time as well after the 3 PM Fantasy parade.

My kids (7 and 9) LOVED dinner at Garden Grill - that’s a great kid Epcot dinner IMO.

Good call on pushing the Garden Grill ADR. I allow an hour to get back to our resort on the busses.

Thanks again for the confirmation on the plans, especially making the change to Garden Grill :).

Does anyone think taking a rental car from the Yacht club to Animal Kingdom will save us time in the middle of the day? AK is supposed to be a level 4 day.

Thanks in advance.

It would certainly be quicker to drive there. Buses midday can be like Russian Roulette.