TP Help - AK with no access to EMH

so fpp day for AK is tomorrow for us (30 days out) we have no access to EMH and I have no idea what the best way to tackle the park is now. we are hoping to get fast passes for FOP (fingers crossed) or ride it last thing at night. I was thinking to go to KS first thing and then KRR and then go round the loop in a clock wise fashion dipping into the center before pandora. but now I am wondering what fps to get and when?
Having never been is making it really hard to make my mind up! am I making a mistake? any suggestiosn from the pros? touring plans has low waits in the morning for everything but what if they aren’t! has anyone gone on KS without a fast pass at 9am on an EMH day? oh help please!

At 30 days, you unfortunately have almost no chance of a FOP FP, so I think you should assume you’ll be riding it last at night. I suspect you’ll be fine for KS at 9am because I’d bet the crowds are still at Pandora. On the other hand, KS takes longer and will eat up more of your precious early morning time, especially if you go on the trail to see animals afterwards. For that reason, I might leave it til later with a FP and do several other things first thing. What were you thinking of getting FPs for?

Can you change your day to go on 27th or 29th…no emh on those 2 days. I changed from 1st June to 27th may. It’s rubbish if staying offsite

I was thinking EE and either KRR or Dinosaur and then Navi which I was hoping would turn into a FOP lol but could leave it as a Navi and do FOP at the end of the day. I am trying not to walk all over the place but also to avoid at least some of the crowds… I did just bag an FOP for another day but its not for the whole group so need to get the rest of the group on it on this day.

Wonder if we did KRR first and then moved round to EE and then Dino stuff then the middle bit and then back up to Kilamanjaro in the afternoon/eve and then finish with pandora? would mean my fast passes would be locked away for the day though… arg

i did think about it! in fact I just managed to get fps for FOP on the 29th! but not for the whole group so I have to get more. my husband though really wants the 29th to be a rest day darnit. and even if we go to AK on the 29th the whole group isn’t going so I still have to think about their needs lol


Tell this to your husband. Say you can have a choice:

Either have your rest day and have this:


Or let me do the Fastpass thing and problem will be solved. :slight_smile:

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I agree with @felicia3333

As for waiting time, KS would be fine at 9:00.
In addition, many say that morning Safaris are generally the best.
However, it is time consuming (project something like 30-40 minutes for the ride itself, and maybe a 15-20 minutes wait).

If you directly go to KRR after KS, you could end up ok (line don’t grow that quickly at KRR). It could means to backtrack later in the day to see the trail / Rafiki’s / FotLK.

I also like your idea of beginning your day at EE and KRR (in that order however), and get a FP+ for Dinosaur / KS / Na’vi.
You also could go EE and Dinosaur (in that order) and get a FP+ for KRR / KS / Na’vi. That way, PW and/or TS could be done before larger crowds arrive in Dinoland.

As for locking your FP+ for the day, it is maybe less important in AK because there’s still many things to do without FP+ in the afternoon (FotLK-Nemo-Up! / Trails / Discovery Island / Rafiki’s / Boneyard etc.)