TP has nothing between 2pm and dinner reservation at 5:30?

Newbie here! I created my first TP - 1/2 day at Epcot and have a question. It has me going to Soarin’ at 2pm but then nothing until my 5:30 reservation at Garden Grill? Then a bunch of stuff after dinner with minimal waits. Is this because if you did the other things during that time, the wait would be too long?

Hmmm…hard to answer w/o seeing it or knowing what you did. Can you post a link? Did you hit optimize after you entered all your attractions and meal? Check that you entered the correct times to begin and end the plan? I’ve never had it do that to me.

I’ve had it do that to me if I have not specified hours for the plan and don’t have enough time to fill all the space. It gives me a break during the busiest time vs fill in time. You could put a shorter end time on it or try adding more stuff?

Thanks for the quick replies! I did optimize and I began the plan at 1pm and ended at 9pm. Oh it might be what Mrs. Beast said tho as I don’t have many attractions “checked” since it was only for half day. I will play with it and see! Thanks!!

That was it! Added a few more things and that seemed to flesh it out! Thanks again!


This is exactly what tp is designed to do. Maximize free time and minimize walk and wait time. I like to put the most popular rides in first, let it optimize, see where those gaps are, then fill in those gaps with less popular stuff (or fp a popular one there.)

Len keeps refining the software. At one time, it was designed to get one thru the day as quickly as possible with no breaks. But what came out is longer waits with a big break at the end, during which the lines were actually shorter. Which isn’t really the best use of time.

Better to have gaps in the middle when lines are long, yes? :wink:

Having said that, tp seems to work best when you fill up the whole day with as much activity as possible. There’s less variables to consider. That might sound counterintuitive, but does what it does amazingly well.