TP glitch or am I missing something?

So I’m confused about how the TP evaluates and assigns data for Rests. It looks like it’s adding 10 mins of walking time to my Rest.

  1. Mission: SPACE Green - 9:45am 5 15 0 10
  2. Rest - 10:15am 0 2 0 10
  3. The Seas with Nemo & Friends - 10:27am 9 4 0 6

So it’s added the 10 mins walking from Mission Space to the Rest and then another 10 mins to walk to the Seas. It’s marked as ‘staying in the park’, so I don’t know what the problem could be. Also, I thought maybe it had me walking back to the main gate for a break, but I noticed the same problem on one of my MK plans (but not both).

Any ideas of what’s going on?

That looks odd. On my plans I see a walk from attraction A to the “rest” equal to the walk from A to B, and then no walk time from the “rest” to attraction B. How long is your rest break? Looking at the numbers you posted it is 2 minutes - maybe that is confusing things.

I had it set for 10 minutes originally, but then, seeing the additional 10 added into the walking time, I moved my rest time to 2 minutes. I also wondered if that would adjust the walking time, given the rest time, but it didn’t. I also tried moving the rest to an area that was between closer rides, but that didn’t help.

I remember this from a past trip and was never able to make it stop adding the 10 minutes in. Just make your break shorter to account for it.

I just noticed it’s starting to do it for walking times between rides. Big Thunder Mountain to Jungle Cruise is not a 10 minute walk, but I just re-evaluated it and a bunch of my walking times have turned into 10 minutes. I even have Buzz Lightyear to the Peoplemover with a 10 min walk.

I may have to manually add up my times if this can’t be fixed. :frowning:

Looks like this is a bigger issue than just your plan - email telling them the problem and giving them your plan URL. Looks like they make have done an update that has messed up walking times.