TP - FPP for Splash mountain and Free time of 99 min?

Getting the following message when creating my personalized TP Plan for Magic Kingdom and adding FPP for Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain is also showing a free time of 99 mins… what does it mean

“This plan does not use the Fastpass+ reservation for Splash Mountain. Possible reasons for this include: (a) Using that Fastpass+ reservation may result in longer waits in line; (b) It may take more walking to use the Fastpass than in the plan shown; © It’s not possible to see everything else in the plan and use the Fastpass+; or (d) The attraction simply doesn’t need Fastpass+ because it won’t save any time. One option is to exchange this Fastpass+ reservation for another attraction or for another time of day.”

How long is the Splash wait without the fastpass?

Essentially what it means is that using your FPP would result in a worse plan, so it didn’t use it.

Large blocks of free time in a plan (like your 99 min) means that you do not have enough attractions planned to fill up the day. Either add more attractions or set an earlier plan end time.

Another reason for large blocks of free time is that you’ve got something (another FP, dining, a show, or a break) scheduled 99 minutes later, and nothing else in between. This happens when you use “evaluate” without enough activities in the list.