TP FPP Allowing Both SDD & TSM

Newbie to WDW and TP
We are making our first pass at touring plans for a trip in April2019. For DHS we are seeing both TSM and SDD for first tier choices? Are we utilizing this wrong or are the tier choices changing by April? Many thanks for any info you have!

I don’t think TP limits your FP inclusions in a TP by what is permitted at WDW in terms of tiers. Some people may split their party between 2 Tier 1 rides due to height requirements or preferences (eg one and one child use a FP for TSMM while the other parent and the other child use a FP for SDD) so those people will want to include both tier 1’s in their TP.

TP doesn’t restrict you as to FP+ choices, either in tiers or number.

If you don’t enter any, the suggestions will be split into tiers.

But you can add extra FPs if you plan to get them as 4th, 5th and subsequent FOs. Obviously that’s just a prediction for most people. And at times, with some persistence, some of the tier 1 rides can be booked as subsequent FPs. Plus anyone staying Club Level and pay for the extra FPs will have six to enter in the plans from the start.