TP for World Showcase?

Do y’all follow a TP for strolling around WS? Our “plan” is to snack around the world (or part of it) at the F&W booths. Do y’all have must-do entertainment in WS that you for sure schedule into your plan?

I’ve just made a note of the show times in the WS part of the TP so we know what’s on at specific times. I was impressed on a recent video of SYRS that Joe had a spreadsheet with each entertainment/show listed for a specific time. Looked like a great idea - you know what your options are for any given moment. :smile:

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I like that. Then we can still be flexible. @LoveBug53, is there anything that you try not to miss?

I’ve done basic TP’s for Epcot before, but I’m currently working on TP’s for 3 days in Epcot. I’m trying to cover everything we want to see. I’m glad I am, too. I had split WS up into 3 sections to do on the 3 afternoons. Turns out Serveur Amusant wasn’t performing on the day I had scheduled France. We haven’t caught the routine since '04, and now I know it’s because I didn’t plan ahead and know what days they were there. BTW, the TP software accounts for what days performances are and aren’t, so if something does show up in the drop-down menu, it’s not happening that day.
So, to answer your question: Yes! I’m making sure I schedule Serveur Amusant, Matsuriza, the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats, and Off Kilter.

Thanks for the advice & suggestions, @MarisaMouse! On my way now to read descriptions about these acts!

Me too @LoveBug53! I was just getting ready to say “you need a spreadsheet like Joe’s!” Tagging @NotThatKevinSmith. :slight_smile:

Yes. Like having the show times all I one place.

We never miss the acrobats in China. Also since you’re going during F&W, make sure to check out the Eat to the Beat concert schedule. You never know who might be there!

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Yes, @splashmommy , Rick Springfield on our night! :smile:

@jennythepooh, that’s who we saw during F&W in 2012! (dreamy sigh) I loved him when I was in jr. high/high school. Oddly, my DDs and DH weren’t really getting it! LOL!

@splashmommy! Cry tears with me, please. Rick Springfield is no longer on the schedule. :frowning:

Oh no!!! :’(

Sorry @jennythepooh I’m so slow to respond - I have the notes on my current TPs - the last time we went through WS it was really just at 11 am and we were too early for much entertainment. We’ll know better this time - I’m looking forward to Off Kilter and the British band. :smile:

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