TP for tomorrow 9/27 - want to hit Maelstrom and Backlot Tour


I'm a Florida resident (I live about 3 hours away), and I am planning on making a quick one-day trip tomorrow for "one last hurrah" for Maelstrom and the Backlot Tour and also maybe hit a few F&W booths.

I am not sure of the best way to order my touring. We renewed our FL Resident APs at our local AAA office, which means we have an exchange certificate that we must activate at the gate (this means no FP+ in advance for tomorrow).

We will arrive about 10 or 10:30 a.m. My plan was to start at HS, do the Backlot Tour, and then immediately go to Epcot. Maybe I can get a FP or two there depending on availability, and do some F&W booths right away before it gets too hectic. And fit Maelstrom in there somewhere. Anything else we get to do is just a bonus.

How does this plan sound? Would you start at Epcot and then hit Backlot Tour on our way home? I thought about staying at Epcot, taking the boat to HS, then coming back, but I think that will take longer than just driving park-to-park.


I think that sounds like a good plan. Maelstrom and F&W won't open to 11, so it makes sense to do the HS things earlier. If you get a slow start and don't actually arrive until close to 11 then I would probably switch plans and do Epcot first. Maybe park at HS, walk or take the boat to the International Gateway, do Epcot, return to HS and then you'll be right by your car when you're ready to leave. Just an idea.


Don't forget that even though you can't do anything until you exchange for your passes, once that is done you can immediately book your 3 fpp on your phone. So I'd probably his HS first and then book your FP for epcot while in line for backlot. I would imagine both rides will be busy since it's their last day.


I just checked, and for what it's worth, FPP are still available for Maelstrom tomorrow...