TP for October Help

I’m trying to wrap my head around how much we’ll get done by playing with some plans. Oct 14-19. Each afternoon the TP tells me “no forecast available” if I plug in a FP after 2pm. I know it will be busy but why pay for FP if you can’t get one after 1pm? Why don’t they do what WDW does? This WDW mom is so frustrated trying to plan without any solid park information!

You will love DL and the same day Maxpass! With that many days, you will see everything over and over again. I no longer use any sort of plan at DL, just go where the Maxpasses lead you. The TP’s there are well known to not really work as the FP return times are not predicted well. We were just there for 3 full days and 1 half day and there were plenty of fastpasses available all day long. 2 of the days, we could still book rides like BTMR when we hopped over to DL between 9 and 10 pm! DCA does go faster, RSR will be gone by lunchtime most days. Don’t fret, and no need to make detailed plans for Disneyland. You have many days to accomplish everything you want to.

Thank you. Do you really think we’ll have plenty of time even with the crazy Oct crowds? We usually do WDW at crowd levels 4/5 and it’s predicted to be 6/7 levels (unavoidable given school calendar for this trip). It will be our first and only trip to DL/DCA so I do hope to do it all. We are doing a Halloween Party on Tuesday (no park ticket other than the party ticket) and I’ve heard even without a park ticket the crowds at the party are low enough you can get a lot of the park seen arriving 3pm.